I am the Angry Citizen.

I am a citizen of the planet Earth. I am a resident and a citizen of the United States of America.

I was born on earth, and lacking the means to leave and go elsewhere I shall remain a resident of this planet. I was born in the United States, and am therefore a legal citizen of this nation.

As a citizen of the United States of America, I am governed and protected by our Supreme Law of the Land, which is the Constitution of the United States of America. I claim ALL of the rights afforded me under our Constitution, and I wholeheartedly support the application of those same rights to each and every one of my countrymen.

Our country was founded on the principle of “government by the People, for the People”. The meaning of the phrase “The People” is clear. We are a Constitutional Republic. I embrace and support these principles. I remain here in the United States by choice, and I claim the unalienable rights that are mine – endowed upon me by my creator, and guaranteed to me by our Constitution. All laws that are in violation of our Constitution are null and void. PERIOD.

Our founding fathers recognized that all men are created equal, and that all of us have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, among other things. They recognized that no man should have blanket authority over others, and hence all men have a right to a say in how they are governed.

It is this system that allows us all to dictate each and every aspect of how we are governed, and how we advance as a civilization. Let us all agree to embrace these principles so that we may work together to create a better world where all of us can prosper and find happiness.

Because I live here, and because I do strongly support our Constitutional Republic, I use my voice to state my wishes and concerns to those who serve as our elected representatives. In order for this Republic to work, it is imperative that we ALL use our voices, else we are doomed to live under the power of a few individuals whose wishes run contrary to those of the vast majority.

Our planet and our nation are under dire threat. The wealthy elite own our government. Our government is wildly out of control, and is borrowing endless quantities of money in our name, spending money on wasteful and fraudulent things, taxing us into poverty, and actively condoning and abetting the wholesale destruction of our planet. Endless war has become the norm, and their conduct has become so flagrant they aren’t even bothering to try hiding it anymore.

In order to save our world and reverse the damage we are causing, we must all band together and act together. Our voices need to drown our elected servants with our righteous demands for positive changes. Whatever we want will prevail IF we demand it.

It is our sacred duty to act. Every soldier serving in our military has their life in our hands. Every person who has their rights stripped away from them is at our mercy. My rights are your rights, and yours are mine.

There is NO denying that if we all act change will happen! The evidence is incontrovertible. The onus is on us. If we all make our voices heard together, we will see the changes we need.

Every day our congressional representatives and our President need to hear our demands. Those demands must drown out the demands of the lobbyists and corporate slugs that constantly infest Washington. We must render them obsolete. If we all voice our concerns, their voices will fade into obscurity.

We must hold ALL criminals accountable, regardless of party affiliation or any other irrelevant factor. Those who violate our laws must be punished, shamed, and shunned, and those who protect our interests and our Constitution must be rewarded and celebrated. NO MORE blind partisan loyalty! NO MORE ignoring evidence! NO MORE intellectually dishonest excuses and justifications!

I am calling upon every single American to join me in this cause. Our various positions on issues do not matter. Our ages do not matter. Our races and religions do not matter. Our genders, sexual orientations, and dislike for various foods DO NOT MATTER! All that matters is that we collectively embrace and rigorously defend the process that guarantees ALL OF US our voice, else we descend into tyranny and we lose our voices completely.

I beg you all to wake up and stop believing the propaganda that is constantly being hurled at all of us through our television sets by corporate media. They are tightly controlled and scripted in order to brainwash us. The truth must be carefully discerned through the lies and misinformation. But, the truth bears scrutiny.

For those convinced that actions won’t matter and our voices don’t matter and our votes don’t matter – fine, sit on the sidelines. But do not dare to infect your demonstrably false views onto others. Inaction is the very essence of evil when lives are at stake, and they are. I am not interested in hearing those who would use their voices only to complain and dissuade others from acting. Every single person who cries out that our voices and our votes don’t matter is HALF the problem! Shut up or get out of my country!!

I will continue to make my voice heard to those who matter. Alone I am one man. If everyone in America voiced an opinion, wrote or called our legislators, and voted with their consciences, our problems would be addressed with effective solutions. It can be done, and it must else we all fall to ruin. Our children and our grandchildren will pay the price for our inaction.

Wake up! Take action!

I implore all of you to please do your civic duty and make your voices heard!

The methodology for doing so is here:


There are THREE HUNDRED AND TWENTY SEVEN MILLION American citizens. Consider that. At least 90% of us don’t use our voices.

I am asking, nay BEGGING ALL of you to USE YOUR VOICE! STOP being fooled by ridiculous propaganda. STOP waiting for the flood waters to reach your door before you speak up! STOP being divided by ridiculous labels and brainwashing!

If I lead this charge and no one follows me, I will fail in epic style.

If I lead this charge and HALF my countrymen support me, I/We will OWN our government, and things will change for the better overnight.

(I will also probably be found dead with two bullet wounds in the back of my head and the government will tell you all that I committed suicide, but only after failing to cut off my own head with a chainsaw. In case you’re unclear on any of that, it’s a lie, and Jeffrey Epstein also did not commit suicide, and none of the enemies of the Clintons committed suicide, etc. Seriously, wake up).

If one tenth of my countrymen vocally and vociferously supported me, we’d be speaking to our elected servants with THIRTY MILLION voices.

Join me.